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Stories of breakthroughs, miracles, and salvations fill these pages. We hope you will be encouraged to seek God in a new way after seeing all that God has done in and through people like you, right here in Redeemer Life!


Here you can read some of the amazing stories of how God has transformed, redeemed, and used peoples' lives for His glory. We hope you are encouraged to pursue God in the same way that all these people have, so that you can experience the power of God in your life too!

When you look back at all the great things that God has already done, it gives you great confidence to know that God is good and that the best is yet to come. Check out some of the video of special moments, events, and people who have been touched by Jesus.

We get stories all the time of people whose lives are being changed by Jesus, and we are so excited about all that God is doing through our church! Please share your story of what God did in and through you.