"Be Still and Know"

My name is Larry Harper. I am a recovering addict and alcohlic. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol for over twenty years. In and out of jails, hospitals, and rehabs. I just couldn’t seem to find my way until the year 2007 when I was in the county detention center awaiting trial. I had been there for about 1 month and had about 4 more months to go before my trial. I had heard of Jesus Christ, but I didn’t really know Him. While I was in the detention center I asked for a Bible. I began to read the Bible and I began to learn more and more about Jesus. As I studied the Bible I was introduced to some people who helped me grow stronger in my faith. I began to distant myself from inmates who weren’t studying God’s word. I stopped doubting and started believing in Jesus. I became steadfast in my faith.

During this time my lawyer visited me and presented a plea offer from the state’s attorney. He wanted me to plead guilty to assault and do 3 years in the MD state prison. I declined the offer. I could only hear “Be still and know that I am God, I will be exalted amongst the nations.” I held onto that scripture until the day of my trial. I will never forget the look on my lawyer’s face when I refused the same offer again, and again. For 5 months I studied God’s word and when it was time for my trial my lawyer came into the holding cell and said to me, “I have some good news. The state’s attorney has agreed to let you go home today if you agree to 18 months of probation. I gladly accepted the offer, completed my 18 months of probation, and haven’t been back to jail since… I go to church every Sunday, bible study every Wednesday, and pray and worship God everyday. Thank You Jesus for saving a wretch like me.