God has Rescued Me

I grew up knowing about Jesus but never really had a relationship with Christ. At 17 I became a teenage mom and shortly after got married. Things quickly spiralled out of control. My husband became abusive and he wrestled with various addictions. I was lost and very unhappy. Three years later I had my second son. Things got worse. I became a prisoner of my own home, no longer allowed to step foot outside without my husband. I was isolated from the rest of the world. 6 years into the marriage I had reached my breaking point. I couldn’t do it anymore, so I left with my two boys. I had no job or any plans.

That same week a friend recommended me for a job and I got hired on the spot. My aunt heard about my situation and invited me to Redeemer. I was very hesitant to go but i felt a strong pull. The message of that day was about recovery. I felt God was speaking to me. I broke down crying and accepted Jesus into my life. That was the day I got saved. Since then my life has completely changed. I learned what true love is and I also slowly learned to trust people. I joined a life group and got connected in the community. I have never looked back since. God has rescued me and my boys from a bad past and gave me a new life.