God is still God

On Wednesday, January 18, my family went to church as usual expecting Pastor Dale to continue his Prayer and Praise series.  We were met by a wonderful surprise - the whole evening was spent praying for a variety of situations.  My husband has been out of a job for almost 2 years.  As dismal as our circumstances have been sometimes, I would not trade the experience.  God revealed himself to my husband in a most amazing way, and he eventually came to know the Lord, was baptized, and even joined a life group.  

That night, when Pastor Dale offered prayer for those seeking employment, a good friend came over and lay her hands on both my husband and me.  Right after the prayer, my husband got a message on his cell phone about a job he had previously interviewed for.  He was invited for a face to face interview.  I couldn’t wait to get our testimony up here because I just knew he would get the job.  After all the call came while we were at church:-).  Who else would call but God right?  That wasn’t the case.  Needless to say, I was heart-broken  - so heart-broken I didn’t think I had anything to share; but I do - God is still on the throne, and He is still sovereign.  We wait expectantly for what He will do tomorrow, but today we will live to glorify Him.

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