Admit Your Weakness


I just wanted to thank Pastor Dale for his message this past Sunday that he taught us. It hit me hard this week. I am at the very end of EMT class and had my last section test this past Saturday. Our section tests are based on a written portion and practicals. I was extremely scared and worried about the written, and it takes a couple of days before we get the results back. I prayed and prayed to God that I would be happy with a 70% to be enough to pass the final test for the class. I wasn’t sleeping well and just stressed out so much before, during, and after the test.

Saturday after class I kept thinking that I wanted to be in church, but the time I had fallen asleep and woken up the next day I wouldn’t have made the 11:00 service. Thankfully my mother asked if I wanted to be in the 1:00 service. I told her to say a prayer for me, but she did say that I had nothing to worry about. I just couldn’t stop worrying and I kept praying.

When I heard what Pastor Dale was saying I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It just seemed like going to church yesterday was meant to be. Even though everything I prayed…..I prayed so hard! I was so scared and stressed. I really thought I failed the test and I meant when I prayed that I would be happy with a 70%.

Earlier today everyone in my EMT class got their written test results. My score was exactly 70%. I know God was with me, and I couldn’t stop shaking as I thanked God over and over.

I wanted to share my story and hopefully, Pastor Dale hears it. Hopefully, he knows at least one person that was in church that was meant to hear his lesson he taught us.

Thank You and God Bless!

- Vickie Daly