Another great day done!

We had another great day of service.  Made a lot of great new friends!  Our students are coming back with story after story of what they call “God Sightings”.  How they see God working at their site in both small and big ways. 

Today was also a free day after our work.  So we showered off and went to the local mall and enjoyed a nice dinner together, followed by a CRAZY 1 ½ photo scavenger hunt.  Needless to say the students had a blast, I’m still counting the points to see who won.

On the way home we had a heart to heart talk with the ladies and the guys about what it means to be a man or woman of God.  Gave some small tips, but wanted to encourage them to rise above cultural standards and set their sights on God’s standards.

After we got back it is now bed time and we’re all VERY tired.  But God is not done showing us his greatness yet.  2 more days to go!!

Please be praying tomorrow night around 6 - 8pm.  This will be the “powerful” night where we present the gospel message to the students, as well as help push them to the next level if they already know Jesus.  We are praying for big break through for our students in whatever area of life they need it.  

Well its late, we gotta be up in 6 hours.  Good night!