Blessings flowing in!

I lost my job of two years on the 3rd of this month and was already in a bad situation financially. I decided to do this fast to get closer to God but I needed a miracle and I’ve tried fasting before and have always failed.

This year I made a commitment to do the fast and to follow through. On the first morning of the fast I woke up and got into the word, while listening to songs of the Lord my phone rang from a job that I had applied for and the call was to tell me that I had an interview. Went into the interview for a server position, but was hired for an expo position. My Lord knows the job I want but as we all know the Lord has a different timeline than we do. My normal old self would have turned down the job and walked out with all negative thoughts. I thank this fast and the new positivity that the Lord has blessed me with to say yes to the job and to understand and be grateful to have a job and knowing that I can still look for my dream job while still working. The day of the interview was two days ago and I was to get a call two days ago and did not so I didn’t get the job and I stayed positive I believed if I didn’t get it then it the Lord did not want me to have it. This morning I got the call and I’m hired! Thank you lord. My biggest enemy is my way of thinking but through this fast my biggest blessing is the Lord working through my mind to keep my positive and to keep his blessings flowing in!