Choosing God's Plan

I was working in DC, but I wanted to start my career elsewhere in another city. One of my best friends from college moved to Atlanta, and I would visit him and meet a lot of his friends. I was doing a lot of parting and was really caught up in the world. Atlanta to me was the calling at the time, back in 2009. I was there up until the end of 2012. I got a random phone call from one of my best friends in Gaithersburg who had started going to Church of the Redeemer. For him to invite me to church was just very random, and I didn’t plan to go to church with him at all. We had never talked about attending church. It was something unique, something that I was called to explore. I was still in Atlanta, so I literally planned a trip not only just to visit the church but to catch up with some friends and family in the area.

On the day I visited, the message was really powerful and spoke to me, because ironically it was called "Going for God’s Plan"it made me think about everything I was doing in the past and in my whole life. When the time came for Pastor Dale to do the altar call and he invited everyone to say the Sinner’s Prayer, I knew God’s Spirit was prompting me to accept Him, so I made the decision that day. So I approached the table, and I remember there was a Christian couple there. I told them, "I'd like to pray about this decision to possibly leave Atlanta to come back here in this area, to pursue God." They helped me to really say a heart-felt prayer with them, and they handed me an invitation card for the church's outdoor baptism. When I flipped over the invitation card, handwritten was the date "August 24th". So I dropped the card, and the Christian couple was like, "what’s wrong?", and I said, "there’s nothing wrong but this is crazythis is the day of my birthday". God had already preordained that day to happen, and they were like, "WOW!" Literally right after saying that prayer, I knew what I had to do. I knew He gave me the choice. He gave me two choices actuallyone was that I could continue living my own life, without him. Or, I could die to myself and really pursue him, trust him completely, and pursue His will in my life. Whatever His plan was, I knew it was here.

You know, if you choose God first and serve Him, it's like His word says, "All these things will be added on too."