Day 4 Peru GOTrip

Buenos dias (good morning) from Peru!  It's another mild winter day full of activities for the Church of the Redeemer (COR) Peru team.

Today, after morning devotional, we traveled to La Casa Gracia (The Grace House) in Ciengiollia.  This beautiful house is sponsored by Camino de Vida (COR's sister church in Peru), Hillsong, and Joyce Meyer, to name a few.  The Grace House has a library filled with books from the sponsors, such as Joyce Meyer, as well as Joel Osteen, and many other Christian authors.  The girls are assigned specific books to read from the library based on the reason they are at the house, and they also receive counseling.

The team received a tour by the Director of The Grace House.  The home has an old world Spanish style on the outside with a terra cotta-like roof and a modern, serene interior layered with artwork and long, colorful scarves hanging from the ceiling of the activity room sprinkled with ornately dressed floor mattresses and throw pillows.

It invites girls from all over Peru, and some girls from other parts of South America, to come here to seek help with any hardships or challenges they may be facing, such as eating disorders, depression, abuse, or other maladies.

The COR Peru team helped clean the grounds of The Grace House and paint the exterior of the "conodor fry" (fry kitchen), which consists of communal dining tables with decorative linens for all of the girls to gather and fellowship together.

The COR team was also treated to an authentic Peruvian lunch of Aji de Gallina, which consisted of rice, chicken, and a slice of boiled egg.  The lunch was enjoyed by all and topped off with the traditional Peruvian fruit called grenadia, which, although the seeds are clear, resembles a pomegranate with the many seeds inside and a tough orange, speckled peel that gently opens up when it is squeezed to reveal it's contents.

Later, at night the team had the opportunity to visit Camino de Vida, Surco Campus, to hear a service in Español (Spanish).  The atmosphere of praise and worship was lively and afterward the ladies heard a sermon by Mrs. Karen Barriger about the power of the tongue and how not to speak negative words to yourself and talk yourself out of the power of your destiny, which God has for you.  Meanwhile, the men heard a sermon by Pastor Robert Barriger about not staying in your current victories or defeat, but remembering that God always has something greater in store.

It seems that powerful messages were given by the Barrigers, and the team looks forward to the next opportunity to visit and fellowship with Camino de Vida.

by Michelle Spencer