Day 5 Peru GOTrip

Hola de nuevo (hello again)!  Today the COR Peru team got to enjoy an aspect of the trip that is often hightlighted by teams from previous trips, sillas de ruedas (wheelchairs) assembly. 

The COR team was joined by the Healing Place Church (HPC) from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Together, both teams received a welcome from the coordinator and were joined by a native expert to guide them through the process. 

The native expert guided the teams of two or three members from COR and HPC on how to correctly assemble the wheelchairs, which were only nuts and bolts, wheels, rods, and cushions in a cardboard box, initially. 

After carefully organizing all of the nuts and bolts, the wheelchairs gradually took shape, and the last part of assembly involved the intricate lacingof the cushions for the chairs, which needed to be tight and aligned in order to give the most support to the new owner of the wheelchair.

These wheelchairs were actually a newer model than the ones previously used for this project.  This new generation wheelchair, was unlike the plastic chairs used in the past, and had metal parts that provide more structure and durability to the chairs.  Yet, both generations of chairs provide much needed relief and mobility to the new owner, and their families, for navigating some of the twisting, dirt paths or bustling streets of the local terrain in Peru.

Everyone came away with a sense of achievement as a total of 50 wheelchairs were assembled by 30 volunteers.  The chairs will be distributed by the teams the following day or later that week.  Either way, the chairs will be ready and are sure to make a difference in the community.

Later, the team found time to enjoy a visit to Pachacamac, a historic Incan ruin in Peru.  The team received a guided tour through the museum and the three main ruins.  The view atop the ruins included a beautiful view of the ocean, a polo match, and lettuce fields.  The team retired after enjoying both activities for the day.  

- Michelle Spencer