Dream Center in Peru

On Sunday, we helped at a new campus called the “Dream Center.” This is the place we cleaned, painted, and organized all day Saturday. We left the mission house at 6 am to make breakfast for the volunteers who were helping with the services. After, we made ourselves a simple breakfast and cleaned everything up. We did lots of different things to prepare for the 2 services. Several in the group loved helping with the children and others connected with the teens. One prayed with a teen who accepted Christ!!!  After cleaning up the building after services, we had a yummy lunch at a local favorite restaurant and celebrated Kristy’s 16th birthday! We were blessed to visit an old Catholic Church in the city and briefly visited a market place before the evening service at Camino de Vida. Wow! That was awesome! Spirit-filled vibrant worship followed by a powerful message by Pastor Robert and Karyn’s daughter, Jenna on choosing faith over fear. Many, many raised their hands to receive Christ! Dinner was around 9:30 and then we headed home. Today we visited The Grace House and will continue working at the Dream Center. All are doing well! More pics to come… (For more info on Grace House and other Camino de Vida initiatives, go here)