God does the Impossible

This was our first project we had the honor to lead as a couple. Our goal and passion was to make a difference in our community and to represent the God and  church that we love. Our project was to collect  donations of canned foods from Giants to provide food for needy families throughout Montgomery County. Manna Food provides food to emergency shelters, group homes and families with children. We had about 26 volunteers and they were divided into groups of 4 to 5 at six different Giants in Montgomery County. In total we all collected 19 carts filled with food for Manna Food. We later all got together to eat and we heard so many wonderful stories.

We had one group that weren’t collecting anything and were feeling hopeless but, then as a group they decided to pray again for donors and soon after they started to fill up carts and they were the group that collected the most. We have so many other great stories I wish we could share, but with out a doubt God is great. He not only made what seemed impossible very possible. We want to thank all of our volunteers from our life groups that were all a blessing and did a amazing job. Matthew 23:11 “the greatest among you shall be your servant”.

- Veronica and Norman :)