God heard our prayer

There is a legacy at Redeemer that I am humbled to be included in as a volunteer and member. As a volunteer, you want to do your best when you love God and his church. When you are given the blessing of connecting (planting roots), growing as you serve, and sowing as you lead by example to raise other leaders you are TRULY doing kingdom work. I've seen this legacy since day one at Redeemer and it is the very reason I stayed. I feel humbled to be included in this family like i'm not even in my biological family!!!

The latest miracle in my life that reminded me of this family and legacy was a recent need for prayer. A friend from Redeemer texted me hello not knowing my need and that turned on a lightbulb for me to ask for prayer and text life groups that I knew. Text my brothers and sisters. They were all praying and I have no doubt in this world God heard our family and answered according to his will!!

- Lusvy Franco