God of Possibilities

God has been so faithful and continues to be so. About 2 years ago my husband and I started praying (on and off) about a property located next to us. Our neighbor had foreclosed and it was just sitting empty. We did not hear anything more about it until last year Spring (2013). It was a cash sale only. The amount was ½ what the house would normally cost due to some minor damage. Plus the bank did not want to fix it. We didn’t have that kind of cash, but we believed God and asked Him to buy it for us. Long story short, He did!

In an amazing turn of events He provided the resources and we were able to purchase it. The greatest blessing was that we were able to rent it to family at a pretty low rate. This has taught us that nothing is too difficult for Him. He is the God of possibilities. He provides in ways that we cannot begin to imagine and we just need to take Him at His word and trust Him.