Hawaii Mission Trip - Day 2



Day 2 began at 6:30 as we set up tables and chairs for Living Way's 14th anniversary. We also cooked food for the celebration luncheon that followed.

The service was a true celebration of God's grace and blessings over the church and the people it ministers to. We were challenged by pastor Greg to get out of our comfort zone to meet as many people to hear about their lives. We were blown away by the transparency and honesty of everyone as they shared their struggles and the great hope and joy that God has given them through Living Way Church. We were humbled by comments about how encouraged they felt knowing that God sent people from 5000 miles away to bless them. We were not exactly sure who was blessing who.

During the service the congregation worshiped with total abandon as they sang and shouted praises to God. The team was also blessed to watch Hawaiian hula being done by adults and little children to worship the Lord.

The anniversary celebration ended with a huge family-style meal where everyone fellowshipped, laughed, and extended love to one another. Our team jumped in to wash dishes, put food away, and sweep the floors. When everything was done we were able to drive along the seashore from Wailuku to Lahaina, taking in God's beauty, and met up with pastor Greg, his wife Bev, and their family to relax after a long day.

During our team discussion we shared heartwarming stories from our interaction with people from Living Way. The overriding theme was about God's grace and mercy to bring us through the trials of our lives.

We have been so blessed to be here... and it's only been 2 day!

Aloha from your mission team in Maui!