Hawaii Mission Trip - Day 3



Every day we have Ohana-style (family-style) meals cooked by the Living Way Church men's ministry. Today began at 7am with a breakfast consisting of fried rice, sausage, noodles, fresh papaya and star fruit. What an amazing experience to have great local food and fellowship with the church family.

Following breakfast, we received a full day of training on cross-cultural ministry from Pastor Daniel Kikawa of Aloha Ke Akua. We gained valuable insights into leading people of different cultures to God and learned why many resist the efforts of well-meaning Christians. This training has helped us to understand the Hawaiian people and how to effectively minister to them.

In the evening we joined a new believers class and had many opportunities to encourage those who were new in the faith. We met Sharon who came to Maui 4 months ago from a foreign country. She had no prior knowledge of Jesus and felt deep remorse for her past life. Sharon was blessed to hear from our team that there is absolutely no condemnation in Christ. What joy she experienced to hear those words.

We enjoyed a great tostada dinner prepared by Pastor Greg and several of our team.

The day ended with hangout time playing music, singing, sharing stories, and lots of laughter.