Honduras GOTrip Update

We arrived in Honduras on Monday. It has been absolutely amazing so far!

We have been working on several projects. Painting tables and various other things, working on building houses, and working on their technology! After work we have been hanging out with children and teenagers in their school (600 kids). We have been playing soccer, basketball, football, and various other games. We have also been able to have many meaningful conversations with these people

Here is a quick note from our team leader Tim: "We have had a really good trip so far in spite of the sickness. (Three have a stomach bug) all of us, young ones in particular, are being challenged in their worldview. Team dynamics have been really good with lots of encouragement happening.  Really proud of how everyone in spite of our limited Spanish capabilities in interacting with the students and staff. Having Chris (Cashman) to help with the guys, and a young lady here named Emily from Michigan with the girls have also been a real blessing. God has provided for all of our needs. Lord willing we will share testimonies tomorrow in one of the classes, doing a "Lifehouse" drama for all of the students on Saturday night, and then preaching on Sunday night. The Lord has blessed with many opportunities to work and minister."

We have had some trouble with the "Honduras Hustle"; a stomach bug that has affected several of our team members typically caused by their water. Please keep us in your prayers as we all share our testimonies, continue to work hard, and bring the word through worship, drama, and teachings this Sunday evening.