Monday - Done - Amazing Elevate team!!

I’m on my laptop now, so I’m able to share why we have such an amazing team!

So today, all of the youth pastors and volunteer leaders had a meeting together at the end of the day to talk about the day.  Each leader began going around sharing a quick story about one of their students and I began to notice a theme.  Each student they were talking about in a positive way was from Church of the Redeemer!  Working in Youth Ministry full tim….

(15 Minutes passes by)

I was just interrupted typing by one of the regional directors for Group who just told me, “I love it when Church of the Redeemer comes to York.  Every year you all bring such top quality students andadult leaders.  It’s really a blessing to have you all here."  Wow.  I can’t tell you, Church, what an amazing thing it means to hear all these things about our students and volunteers.  I truly believe, even at a young age, it is begin they are trying to follow Christ & have a great time while doing it!

That said, our students have nothing but positive things to say about where they were working today.  Many of them were completely out of their comfort zone with these projects.  Especially the many who were helping in retirement communities.  At first every single one seem to regret coming to York.  But by the end of the day we couldn’t stop them from telling us stories about the "cute old grey haired” people they talked to and all the stories they heard. “One of them lived during World War II.  That was like, forever ago!"  Gotta love our students.  Look below to see some of the pictures from today!