New Campus, New Experiences

When the Universities at Shady Grove Campus opened, I was encouraged to go there, and also because we live very close by. We have been going there ever since, and it has been a wonderful, tremendous experience.

My name is Claudia, and I have been attending Church of the Redeemer for at least 7 years. I had starting serving when they announced that USG was going to open. Somehow, I just knew that’s where I had to go, and I just felt in my heart that’s where God was leading me. I'm able to stay connected with the people that I get to serve with and with people that I see every weekend. I have developed close friendships and relationships with people. So, it has make me feel that I’m not alone, that I have people I can count on, and that I there are people I know will have my back in prayer or in any situation that I may need help. I feel that people will be thereit feels like I’m part of a family.

My name is Paul Chen, and I serve on the Tech and Set up Ministry. I first started coming to Redeemer many years ago. My wife and I started going to the Gaithersburg campus, and when we heard that they were opening up USG, we thought, "Well, this is fantastic! It's closer, its easy to get to, and they have a 10 o’clock service that is even better for our kids." It all worked out so fantastically, so we are happy to be part of USGit's been phenomenal! You know, I was just sitting in church. I have been part of Redeemer for so many years but have just been someone on the side lines, sitting in church and receiving the message but not applying it and not being part of it. I was sitting there one day, and there was a call for Tech Ministry, so I looked at my wife and I said, "You know, I think it's time for me to do something", and I went down. Next thing you know, I was invited to show up at 6:30 the next Sunday, and I have been serving ever since. So, we have been attending Redeemer for probably over 7 years, and it's always been "church" but now with USG it's "my church".