South Africa: Ministry Update

I just have enough time to fire off that we have arrived in SA and we are in the slum camps. Horrific heartbreak but the opportunity to reach people now for the Gospel, is not only ripe, but rotting. We’ve had amazing salvations just in the last day at church and through our tour of the slum camps. Today, I’ve divided our team into 4 groups. 3 slum camp outreach and 1 Medical team. I’m on the medical team personally assisting the doctor and just in the last 3 or 4 hours, I’ve seen 95% of the patients as HIV positive and I’ve seen 3 women become diagnosed. There’s a lot of work and the opportunity is amazing.
The african people are gorgeous in and amongst such poverty right next to houses with multimillion dollar personal compounds.

I’ve already run out of time. I will update when I am not being taken away from ministry and we have an opportunity for internet.