The Healing Power of God's Love

My name is Cecilia Shaw, I had been a church member since April 2006, but accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 7, I am married and have 4 children. On January 21 of this year my life changed completely and so is my faith. Growing up in the church, I learned and heard many times how God moves in people’s lives and the miracles He works without an explanation. On that day it was my turn to experience God’s glory at a different level and what an experience!

Since November of last year my husband had to take on a job assignment in the state of New Hampshire, therefore I had to take on the roll of being mom and dad in his absence. On the second week of January my husband had the chance to visit us for a few days and this Wednesday he departed back to New Hampshire—after taking him to the airport I had a regular day at work and we got some snow on that day. Keeping that in mind I left work early and on the way I stopped for some groceries and my memory stops right there. I was told by my 13 and 11 year old girls that I reached home and the first thing I did was change my clothes to go outside and start shoveling snow. A 17 year old boy was cleaning my neighbor’s driveway and I asked for his help to clean mine for a fee, he says that I collapsed while his back was turned to start shoveling… that was the beginning of an odyssey that changed my life forever.

I had suffered of a category 4 of 5 aneurysm. In less than 6 hours I was in a coma with a severe bleeding and unresponsive. Due to my condition I was transferred to Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore where a craniotomy had to be performed. While I was in the hospital very little is what I recall—but I was able to record the pain and dark flashes of my nurses and some of my visitors. One thing I had been able to recall while I was in that transition was God’s mercy so vivid, as I had only 50% chance of survival and after surgery there was no warranty of complete recovery. God never left me, at some point I was able to feel His presence and hear Him making me the promise of absolute healing.

Almost three months later am here, with all my physical faculties and amazing my neurosurgeon who calls me a living miracle as she knows the condition I arrived to Hopkins and how powerful is God to restore me and sparing my life. An incredibly large number of people from different parts of the world were united in prayer for me, including here, my home church—I know this made a difference in my condition then and in my recovery. I could not trade this experience, it is still difficult but God’s power overcomes every obstacle in our journey, including death. Be never discouraged as the God we serve is real, almighty and omnipotent. Never fear what will come your way—God is with us, in full control of everything if you let Him. He’s faithful to every promise He makes; because I am living it I can tell you God’s love for us is greater than anything we’ve ever seen.