Trusting and Thanking God Always


About three months before my wife’s due date, we had to rush to the hospital. It was terrifying, because we didn’t know what was going on. They were even thinking of possibly delivering the baby three months early. We were so worried, but at that moment, we started to pray and thank God"for getting us there safely and for all the wonderful doctors that were helping us. The three days we were there actually went by pretty fast, because we just kept thanking Him. At the end, it turned out to be ok. Two months later, we delivered our healthy baby girl, and she is 8 months old now!

Thinking back now, I know the ending, but at the time, it really made a huge difference not focusing on the bad and instead trusting God and thanking Him for what we had. After she was born, God taught me something else. I used to changed her diaper, and she would cry every time. I would tell her, “Aria, I’m changing your diaper"this is for something good. At the end you will feel great, and you are going to feel dry!" At that moment, I thought, "Maybe this is kind of how God feels when he is changing our lives for the good".

We don’t know what’s going on at the moment, and we don’t know what’s going to happen at the end. But, we have to know that God is beyond our understanding. God knows the ending, even though we don’t. We just have to trust Him with all our lives, thanking Him more and trusting that it’s going to be ok. To me, having that realization this year, and God showing me this lesson through my daughter’s love, has made this a really great year.