Tuscaloosa: Our refuge

This is a “Safe House.” It sits in the middle of the house. It’s made of eight (8) inch cinder block with reinforce re bar and concrete between the cinder blocks. It is designed to withstand 250 mph winds for five (5) minutes.

During a tornado, you run to this room for refuge! You may or may not be able to see what’s written on the door way wood frame. It reads, “ the Lord is our refuge.” (countless christian volunteers have written scriptures throughout the house on the frames)

This was proven true by the story of the little girl who stood paralyzed in her back yard in the path of the category 4 tornado (not knowing what to do) - frozen in her footsteps! When the tornado had past; only she remain. Her house gone! When asked, what happened? She said, “a man dressed in white told me to stand still!”