West Virginia Outreach - Day 1-3


Day One: Sunday

We had a smooth drive over to West Virginia. There was some great conversation as we continued to get to know one another on our bus. It's wonderful to hear people forming friendships with others in the church. Plus the weather and scenery have been beautiful driving over on day one! The staff at Samaritan's Purse was very welcoming, as were the volunteers from another church group that's here for the week.

Day Two: Monday

We shared an impacting devotional time after breakfast before heading to our work sites. This is the pattern for every morning here, and Samaritan's Purse graciously invites visiting volunteers to lead in prayer and during the devotional time to share what God has placed on their hearts. Today some of our team worked on a home that was severely damaged by flooding and needed tile work at this stage in the restoration process. The rest of the team worked on a home that is being completely rebuilt. There was a lot of construction work to be done on the new house - roofing, drilling, sawing, and more. It was remarkable how many new experiences I had in one day here! We had a "share time" at the end of the day, during which we reflected on our interactions and work during the day.

Day Three: Tuesday

It's amazing how quickly we've adapted to our routine here. The early mornings don't seem to wear on us because we're in this space together on an adventure with both our local church and the larger church. It's been cool to see how God brought this group of people together from all over to share this experience. His sovereignty and goodness have already been on display. Plus the Lord has been faithful to provide the strength that we've needed for each day. After our work today, we attended a dedication of one of the homes that Samaritan's Purse worked on recently. The homeowners welcomed our whole team, and the staff presented them with a journal full of loving notes of encouragement from volunteers, as well as a Bible signed by the staff. Our entire group then took time to pray for their home. There were tears of joy and love today. It was a powerful opportunity to see and feel the real life impact of the work we're doing.