Wisdom to be a Blessing

In late June I received a phone call from La Toya about a possible Be Great! opportunity. It involved a townhouse in the Germantown area where the fence had fallen on disrepair and the HOA had contacted the homeowner with three options and more importantly a time limit until further steps were to be taken to rectify the problem. (The homeowner had some type of accident in which she injured her leg and has trouble moving and is in constant pain. Being given unwise advice for her employees insurance company her claims for workmen’s comp have repeatedly denied.

So La Toya and I took a ride to look at the fence and what needed to be done. The option of repairing the fence seemed to be the best route to take. The expenses for materials was approved and we informed the homeowner. Only to run into a wall of indecision. This went on for several weeks and the whole thing was plaguing my mind. So I thought and prayer about it constantly. The one morning I received my answer, Pride, and how the adversary was manipulating this into fear for the homeowner, I approached La Toya with this and the reason and it was decided that we should meet with the homeowner to discuss the situation. God soon bless me with finding the right words to say, how to say them and when as well. After a long talk it was decided to proceed with the repairs. But this meeting yielded more for her, we found out about the misleading of the insurance company and La Toya was able to give her a number of someone who could help. 

A team of 10 men was assembled, most of them not having any idea of carpentry work and how to go about it. Of all my years in the building trade and as leader of many crew and projects I have never had a group so easy to explain what to do and follow those instructions. Once in action they proceeded to tear, nail and clean up the area. Again other blessing I was not deserving of. We completed the work a little after noon and had a pleasant lunch and conversation with the homeowner and her three daughters. Just the look on their faces said it all. They were so grateful not only to us but to the Lord. Since then I have had the pleasure of keeping in contact with the family from time to time.

Now why did I go through this rather lengthy story. To show all of us that whenever we a faced with a problem, do not waste time worrying about it but go to the Lord and prayer and He will answer you cries for guidance and give us the wisdom to handle whatever we are facing. Second just because someone is undecided or says no, that is not the case, the adversary is involved in there somehow, that the Lord states with us from the beginning to the end, and it is His Holy Spirit within each of us that drives us to serve in His name, and no one else’s.

To each of you that were willing to serve in the Lord’s name in helping this family in their time of need, I thank you.

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