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God of Possibilities

God has been so faithful and continues to be so. About 2 years ago my husband and I started praying(on and off) about a property located next to us. Our neighbor had foreclosed and it was just sitting empty. We did not hear anything more about it until last year Spring (2013).

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His ways are better

Dear Church Family, I am a Church of the Redeemer member and have been attending services for about five years. I have particularly enjoyed learning to fast and experiencing the miracles and blessings that pour out of such times. I am writing to share one of my fasting experiences.

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1 Peter 5:8-10

During the Restored series this summer, I made a list of eight or nine areas of my life that need restoration. These are areas that I have struggled with for many years, such as financial management, time management, full obedience to God, and setting boundaries. As I contemplated this year’s fast, God spoke boldly to me through my Bible readings, Pastor Dale’s teachings, and a couple of Pastors on WAVA (105.1). God placed on my heart that my areas needing restoration are bowling pins, but not the king pin. God told me that my king pin is self-control.  I had never thought of it in that way! 

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Opening the door of our hearts

Where to begin? Just when I thought I had put things down on paper God decides to really blow me away. After the events of today, and my overcoming the fear of sharing them, my wife and I finished the day with the Day 6 section of Fast Forward. The prayer at the end of Day 6 pretty much put the final touch from God on the day’s events. I will quote the prayer at the end of this.

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My experience with my car

Hi Pastor Dale:

I am so honored to be able to tell you about my experience.  I think it was January 8.  My daughter asked me to drive her to an address in Urbana so she could attend the singles group meeting.  My daughter and I get lost even in our own back yard, so whenever we have to go somewhere for the first time we usually team up to find the place.  One navigates and the other drives.

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Let everything that has breath praise the Lord

Whilst fasting at the start of 2012 my personal relationship with God has deepened  as I’ve relied on Him to answer my prayers in the small daily needs of directing my steps as well as long term prayers come to fruition. Whilst studying my Bible instead of simply reading, I’ve experienced clarity and seen more truths about God’s character and His love for me.

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